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Many factors influence the car insurance premium. UK insurance for auto insurance has underdone discussion, including debate among the European Union, about the legitimate risk assessment for women's car insurance. The insurance cost for women's coverage is typically lower than quotes for men. The discerning factors used to assess risk are that women drivers tend to drive differently than male drivers. These driving habits are assessed as having a lower risk than the more risky habits of male drivers.

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Research studies depict men as having the same frequency of accident as women. However, men tend to be involved in accidents that are more severe and have more costly claims than women. Consequently, these insurance risk factors drive up the premiums for men and lower the rates for women to match the level of risk of vehicle incidents.

Statistics show women drive slower than men. Women also exercise more caution and drive shorter distances than men. Consequently, the risk of accident is lower because of the shorter drive distance for women.

Female driver pictureAccording to statistics men are primary parties committing driving offenses that result in convictions. The rate is 88% of all driving convictions in the UK are committed by men. In vehicle incidents that are the result of dangerous driving men make up 96% of convicted offenders.

Although driver profile and car profile may factor into setting of insurance rates, driver conduct also plays a role in risk determination. Women drivers who engage in risky driving conduct, such as speeding, can compromise lowered rates. The risk behaviors may overshadow the driver profile for their gender.

In another study (Stradling) 70% of drivers admitted to speeding. Fifteen percent more drivers admitted to speeding in another study conducted by Webster & Wells. Although drivers acknowledge distinctions between safe and dangerous speed limits, speeding is frequently condoned by more than the average driver.

Despite the stealth speeding and perception that speeding is standard and acceptable under certain conditions, drivers caught speeding can be fined, penalized and cause harm to others. Tickets, penalties and points on driving licences can result in UK insurance companies reviewing driver behavior to assess a higher risk, and consequently, a higher premium rate. Drivers who regularly engage in high risk driving also increase the risk of more serious consequences such as a driving ban and imprisonment.

Women may face rates that factor in their age. If a woman is assessed as part of a risky age group, her gender profile driving credit may be further reduced. Women who are in their teen years are primarily assessed in their high risk age group rather than their gender group.

Adult women who have points on their licences can offset these deficits and the potentially higher premiums by keeping their driving record clear over the long haul.

Some insurance agencies specialize in providing women's car insurance. Comparative shop to find the best deals. Beware of insurance fraud. Access the Financial Services Authority (FSA) Register to find out about a firm or insurance party. Check the Register to confirm that a party is regulated by FSA before exchanging payment for coverage. Otherwise, if insurance coverage goes awry, you will have no recourse to complain or receive compensation.

The FSA has established professional insurance standards. Among its warnings is that reputable firms or parties as authorized and registered through them do not often contact drivers out of the blue to market insurance.

The FSA Consumer Helpline is available through its website ( to assist the public.

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